Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Science of Motivation and how you can master it

As we grow more reflective as individuals, we are coming to understand different mechanisms of our brain. We have understood that this brain of ours can behave in a plethora of ways, and if certain behaviour is not right, we can even try different methods to change that. One state of mind that witnesses a lot of this is when you are feeling demotivated. Not having the motivation to do something is a dicey situation to be in. Sometimes it looks like you want to do a particular task, but the lack of motivation is acting as an unassailable barrier. So, how can you uproot this barrier and finally get that task done? Well, it turns that we have a collection of very straightforward methods to stop this drop in your motivation level and get it back up to an optimal mark. Those methods are as follows:

  1. The Mental Shift

It’s not very uncommon to get lost in your fear of how intimidating a task looks. Nevertheless, you can give yourself a nice motivation boost by switching your focus to that feeling of satisfaction you know you’ll get once you have completed that task.

  1. Focus on the Purpose

We often allow ourselves to mull too much on how we can do something to get a perfect result. If we can change that by focusing on why we are doing something, and what purpose it serves, then maybe we can receive that much needed push to get it over the line.

  1. Less is More

When you are running short on motivation, it’s important to value your little steps more than you would do usually. You are making an extra amount of effort, and for that you deserve to be appreciated. Use these little steps as building blocks for your motivation.

  1. Keep it within reach

When we want to do something, but we are not able to find any motivation to do it, we fall into a tough moment. In this moment, everything looks like a difficult task, therefore it’s crucial to ensure that the goals you have set for yourself are within your range. Keeping an unrealistic goal will only further dampen your motivation.

  1. Don’t shy away from responsibility

Create some healthy pressure on yourself by setting up an accountability system. This can be done by simply telling someone that you are taking responsibility of a particular task. Share your progress with that person later on. The eagerness to make a positive statement in front of someone else will keep you going in your sluggish moments.

  1. Reward Yourself   

Nothing pushes you forward like a nice little reward system. As you work on your task, make little targets along the way. Once you have achieved a little target, reward yourself with something of your choice. The thought of getting something you love will keep you from going all slothful after a while.