Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Though it has been around since 2010, vehicle telematics has moved to the forefront of the transportation industry, particularly during the pandemic. In fact, advancements in GPS tracking technology and telematics are continuing to evolve with paradigm shifts, improved efficiencies, and minimized costs—all while improving driver safety.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic compelled the fleet industry to adopt vehicle telematics systems to monitor their fleets, lower asset theft and loss, and improve driver behavior. This truly demonstrates how technology can transform the future of fleet management. These systems are also making the management process more streamlined with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT). With continuous developments in external sensors and embedded systems, it is crucial for decision-makers to capitalize on new trends in vehicle telematics to gain an edge. By utilizing fleet management systems, users can take control of critical business operations such as order and shipment management, compliance and mileage reporting, better routing, lower fuel consumption, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Vehicle telematics works by simply installing a device with a SIM card that allows remotely acquiring vehicle information like location, speed, tire pressure, and engine idle in real-time, faster and more accurately than ever before.

At this juncture, to help businesses align with the trends, we have developed this special edition on telematics solution providers. This special edition features the most innovative companies as a list of “Top 20 Telematics Solution Provides 2022.”


CEO: Morten Strand
HQ: Larvik, Vestfold
Website: abax.com

ABAX is a developer and supplier of Car Logbooks -Triplogs, trip logs, car tracker systems, fleet control software, and equipment control technology to businesses that operate company vehicles. Our products are world-leading in their respective fields and have already helped numerous customers to reduce the overall fuel cost of their company vehicles and eliminate the risk of tax penalties


President : Gary Hallgren
HQ: Chicago, IL
Website: arity.com

Arity is a technology company focused on making transportation smarter, safer and more useful. They transform massive amounts of data into actionable insights to help partners better predict risk and make smarter decisions in real time.

BlueArrow Telematics

Founder & CEO: Stuart Lamm
HQ: Wake Forest, NC
Website: bluearrowtelematics.com

BlueArrow Telematics, formerly GPS Mobile Solutions, provides industry-leading technology to help organizations better manage their mobile workforce. Their emphasis is to help with efficiencies, vehicle maintenance, and most importantly Driver Behaviors.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

CEO: Bill Powers
HQ: Cambridge, MA
Website: cmtelematics.com

Cambridge Mobile Telematics’ (CMT) mission is to make the world’s roads and drivers safer. Since its first product launch in 2012 that pioneered mobile usage-based insurance, CMT has become the world’s leading telematics and analytics provider for insurers, rideshares, and fleets.

Clarience Technologies

CEO: Nada Jiddou
HQ: Executive VP
Website: clariencetechnologies.com

Clarience Technologies is a technology-minded company focused on the future of transportation. The company established its headquarters to be at the center of the transportation industry. Since then, Clarience Technologies has grown into new verticals and geographies, first with the 2020 acquisition of ECCO Safety Group


CEO: Robert J. Struble
HQ: Orlando, FL
Website: directed.com

Directed is the largest designer and marketer in North America of consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems. Directed’s products are available through many channels including leading national retailers and specialty chains throughout North America and around the world.

EnVue Telematics

Co-Founder: Randy Read
HQ: Longview, TX
Website: envuetelematics.com

Trusted Provider of Fleet Tracking Solutions, Construction Asset Management, and Safety & DOT Compliance Services

GPS Insight

Chief Executive Officer: Gary Fitzgerald
HQ: Scottsdale, AZ
Website: gpsinsight.com

GPS Insight is a fleet management and field services company. They provide mission critical insights needed to make physical operations on the road and in the field, simpler and safer to do.

LHP Telematics

Chairman: Jeff Jones
HQ: Westfield, IN
Website: lhptelematics.com

LHP Telematics is an industry leader in creating custom telematics solutions for both the heavy equipment OEM marketplace and aftermarket construction fleets. LHP Telematics offers the most configurable embedded application on the market for heavy equipment OEMs. This allows our OEM customers to have access to the entire set of standard and proprietary CAN messages for each equipment model.


CEO: Soumik Ukil
HQ: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Website: lightmetrics.co

LightMetrics offers an AI-based platform for real-time driver coaching and associated driver safety analytics to enterprises in the automotive ecosystem. Their partners use our cross-platform device software and rich RESTApis to create differentiated driver safety offerings, without being reliant on dedicated hardware.

LoneStar Tracking

Chief Executive Officer: Christine Kyle-Remmert
HQ: The Woodlands, TX
Website: lonestartracking.com

Track, monitor and remotely control your vehicle, equipment, boat or virtually any object with the newest technology available. Save money by reducing fuel costs and setting maintenance alerts to prevent future mechanical problems. These are invaluable tools for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles. A real-time tracking device gives you up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts based on parameters you set in advance.

Matrix iQ

CEO: Mark Packman
HQ: Altrincham, Cheshire
Website: matrixiq.com

Matrix IQ is bridging the gap between connected technology and intelligent insight by giving businesses the tools they need to track and analyse all of their telematics & IoT data on one platform. By doing so, they believe they can help businesses improve the safety of their employees, reduce their environmental impact and protect their business assets.


CEO & Founder: Ben Volkow
HQ: Herzeliya Pituach, Israel
Website: otonomo.io

Otonomo, the platform powering the mobility economy, is igniting a new generation of mobility experiences and services. With Otonomo, over 100 providers in the transportation, mobility, insurance, and automotive industries are finally able to harness mobility data and insights and transform them into strategic assets and market advantages.


CEO: Shiva Bhardwaj
HQ: Toronto, ON
Website: pitstopconnect.com

Pitstop is a predictive maintenance platform that delivers actionable insights for the transportation industry through a powerful combination of AI, machine learning technology and cloud-based proprietary algorithms. The company is empowering millions of automotive professionals to make better business decisions, while leading the industry into a more efficient, safer and cleaner future.

Platform Science

Founder & CEO: Jack Kennedy
HQ: San Diego, CA
Website: platformscience.com

Since 2015, Platform Science has connected fleets across the nation with the tools they need to take control of their technology. As part of THE ongoing mission to transform transportation, they’ve made it easy for fleets to develop, deploy, and manage their commercial vehicles’ mobile devices and applications on a single platform.

Radius Telematics

Group Managing Director: Greville Coe
HQ: Crewe, England
Website: radiustelematics.com

Radius Telematics is part of the Radius Group of companies and now has over 425,000 users spread across 5 continents. They provide services that start from simple asset tracking up to advanced vehicle diagnostics and sophisticated camera solutions. Their customers range from small businesses to large corporates where their aim is to provide them with improvements in fleet efficiency, customer service, insurance management and much more.


Chairman & CEO: John R. Knox
HQ: Belton, MO
Website: safefleet.net

Safe Fleet looks at safety as a whole—safer fleets for humans, and safer fleets for businesses. Instead of sourcing multiple products from multiple manufacturers, and hoping they play well together, the team believe there’s a smarter way to approach fleet safety. Safefleet created a unified platform for total safety for fleets of every type, providing access to an unrivaled range of best-in-class smart solutions.

Skypatrol GPS

Founder: Robert Rubin
HQ: Miami, FL
Website: skypatrol.com 

Established in 2002, Skypatrol holds a strong market position in Location Based Services in strategic markets, products, and applications. Skypatrol has built a reputation for developing innovative GPS tracking solutions and fleet management software tools uniquely combined with its proprietary GPS hardware to help businesses monitor, protect, and optimize mobile assets in an increasingly machine-to-machine world.

Targa Telematics

Chief Executive Officer: Nicola De Mattia
HQ: Treviso, Treviso
Website: targatelematics.com

Targa Telematics is an IT company that has been developing high-tech solutions for over 20 years, enabling businesses, organizations, and communities to fully exploit the potential of connectivity. In partnership with their customers, they seek to overcome technological challenges that will enable Smart Cities and Smart Mobility models to flourish, within a broader cultural revolution that will have a profoundly positive impact on environmental sustainability.


CEO: Simon Marsh
HQ: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Website: visiontrack.com

Founded in 2016, the rise of connected vehicle camera and video telematics specialist VisionTrack has been rapid, launching its Internet of Things (IoT) software platform in 2017 and becoming the industry leader last year. The company’s unique approach is helping tackle some of the most complex challenges faced by the fleet, transport and insurance sectors.