Tek Yantra: Setting the right tone for DevOps

CEO: Swapna N

Today’s software development approaches comprise of significantly more than just assembling, writing code. And it is regular to catch wind of just the result-based delivery. Be it internal or coding up for third-party projects, development teams are weighed against the final output they yield. It is the definitive result of the project, as opposed to the critical modules that only matters to the overall project and its stakeholders. Against this backdrop of judging the development teams based only on their promising outcomes instead of the packaged delivery of the code – how can programmers thrive on this eccentric line of expectations? There is just one answer – by engaging in the whole cycle from concept to completion and finally the delivery to the client.

But easier said than done, indulging in an end-to-end delivery of a project can estrange a lot of developers owing to their inexperience due to absence of an inclusive development culture. “We know, people can learn the most from their experience, but you need to change with the change. Basically, DevOps is a culture where development and operations are nurtured parallelly resulting in a collaborative approach toward project development and delivery success,” states Swapna Narla, CEO, Tek Yantra. Tek Yantra, an IT consulting and software development company, assists organizations in their technology implementation and development and shadows them throughout the entire process cycle. 

Leveraging its proven technological expertise in digital transformation, cloud, DevOps, the company offers DevOps-as-a-Service, application design and development, IT consulting and operations support. In a nutshell, Tek Yantra enables a customer’s adaptation journey to a next-level tech advancement. Tek Yantra offers tools, education, motivation, and hand-to-hand help to businesses and helps organizations to achieve the best-in-class development/delivery pipeline. “We integrate our customer’s delivery systems, creating and maintaining a fully automated solution that allows them to build a continuously improving organization.”

“Our team sports a unique amalgamation of skill-sets – each member of our team has an integrated development experience. With full-stack development expertise, Tek Yantra covers everything from initial conception to testing. Our testing methodology is mainly based on automation testing enabled by our core framework which double-clicks on flexibility to allow easy integration,” details Swapna. Nevertheless, the whole technology stack might puzzle, discourage customers from realizing the benefits of the implementation as it might seem a pedantry approach. “We deal with the resistance to evolution by donning a semblance of an educator cum facilitator to highlight the underlying values of the adoption. While working on-site for a customer, we often encourage them to partake small challenges and address them using latest technological means. We handhold them till they achieve any success and that’s what inspires, motivates them.”

Currently, the organization is helping the California government in building a technology stack and its proper implementation to better serve the citizens. “We’re the engine and brain behind some of their websites today – covid19.ca.gov, response.ca.gov and keeping them operational 24*7. We’ve readied them both operationally and functionally to deliver against any incoming demand which in turn empowered them to charter a robust roadmap,” informs Swapna.

Offering holistic assistance to customers to scale up and advance their business approaches utlilzing rewarding technology means is half the prowess, Tek Yantra offers to its customers. At each step of any development, security needs to be embedded into the core of any project dictating, blanketing each phase. Tek Yantra weaves in security into each DevOps pipeline and practices – starting from the initial phases of coding to the final market delivery. This enables Tek Yantra to deploy DevSecOps methods to automate core security tasks by integrating security early in the process workflow.

“We help our clients reinvent how they deliver value to their customers and guide them through a customer-led business transformation. This helps our clients better engage with their consumers by reimagining and reengineering the experiences they enable across their main service domains. Being able to recommend the Next Best Experience requires both an understanding of how customers engage with your brand across a portfolio of offerings (products, services, locations, employees, etc.) and an ability to impact the different levers that enable those interactions,” furthers Swapna

Looking ahead, Tek Yantra eyes on introducing more ease-of-use and simplicity to promote easy understanding and realization of a DevOps culture. “In today’s world where everything is inherently result-oriented, there is little to no space for inadvertence. Tomorrow for a business will be only defined by what we innovate and implement today,” finishes Swapna.


Tek Yantra

CEO- Swapna N


 Tek Yantra Inc. is IT consulting and Software development company, and a State approved vendor and Implementation partner. The firm focuses on leveraging open source software development and implementation, consulting services for the client to reduce the cost and offer business benefit, yet collaborate and support proprietary software where and when needed for clients.