Friday, June 21, 2024

SportsTechX and SIGNA Sports United Team Up to Release Global SportsTech VC Report

SportsTechX announced the release of a new publication: The Global SportsTech VC Report. Powered by SIGNA Sports United, the data-driven report focuses on the SportsTech investment space globally and offers insights on funding and investor activities in the industry. The report is available now and, in typical SportsTechX fashion, it is completely free to download.

The report highlights some really interesting investment trends across the world of SportsTech: The recent SportsTech boom in Asia, growth of FitnessTech, increasing IPO, new Unicorns and more. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the key numbers:

  • $12.6b was spent in global SportsTech funding since 2014
  • 25% CAGR over the last 5 years
  • $9m Average ticket size in 2019
  • 51% of invested $ went to the ‘Fans & Content’ sector
  • 30% of invested $ went to New York City
  • 2 of 5 Top Cities by Funding are from China
  • 2.5b+ Funding makes ‘Fitness & Workout’ the #1 sport

The shared passion for sports and technology between SportsTechX and its partner SIGNA Sports United, the #1 Sports Online Retailer in Europe, helped to make the report possible. SIGNA Sports United is on a mission to go beyond retail and build the leading Global Sports Experience Platform through partnerships with SportsTech companies in the Activity & Performance, Fans & Content and Management & Organisation sectors. It was a natural fit, then, that the two companies have joined forces to help foster opportunities and exposure for SportsTech innovation and developments.

“I think a global, data-driven view on SportsTech Venture Capital was long overdue,” said Benjamin Penkert, SportsTechX Founder. “Based on our database, we were able to look at and compare funding activities from a range of highly interesting angles. And there were some quite surprising outcomes.”

After the successful launch of SportsTechDB, the global database to find the best startups and initiatives in the SportsTech ecosystem, SportsTechX founders Benjamin Penkert and Rohn Malhotra are adding the Global SportsTech VC Report to their list of original and researched content. Since 2017, they have scanned thousands of startups and more than 100 initiatives all over the world in order to provide SportsTech enthusiasts with data and insights. They have produced several insightful reports like the London SportsTech Report, the European SportsTech Report and the North American SportsTech Report, but the newest addition to the SportsTechX library offers a new and global outlook on the SportsTech Venture Capital scene. With data made easily accessible by SportsTechDB, the SportsTechX team has mapped all of the numbers surrounding funding and investment into figures and infographics to aid in understanding the global SportsTech market.

“Our objective was to identify trends in SportsTech investment and also learning that could transfer from developed to developing markets, hence the global approach,” said Malhotra, “That needed deep analysis but only numbers aren’t enough. Data always needs context and that’s what we’ve tried to provide through this report.”

Readers can expect to see a focused report in the newest release all about the funding space, where nearly 3,000 SportsTech deals between January 2014 and September 2019 from around the world were analyzed. Within the report are chapters dedicated to key insights, outstanding companies, investor activity, investment dynamics and a global overview, providing an easy to digest breakdown of the market.

The team at SportsTechX has set out to help promote, grow and navigate the global SportsTech ecosystem by highlighting SportsTech startups and initiatives. They continue to achieve those goals through a steady commitment to creating new connections, formats and projects like that of the Global SportsTechVC Report. The full report is out now and is available to download for free at