Russia demands YouTube restore RT’s German-language channel

On Friday, Russia’s communications authority said it had written to Google’s executive team, requesting that access to the German-language YouTube channel of state-backed broadcaster RT be restored immediately.

On a variety of topics, including conflicts over restricted content, Moscow and Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) are at odds. On Thursday, a sanctioned Russian businessman declared victory over Google in a court case that might result in a large fine for the tech company.

RT said its new channel ‘RT auf Sendung’ was blocked on Thursday, just five hours after its launch. RT cited Google as saying the new channel was deleted because it was created in violation of earlier restrictions placed on the outlet.

Russia in September threatened to block YouTube and the Kremlin called for “zero tolerance” towards the video hosting giant after it removed RT’s German-language channels from its site, saying they had breached its COVID-19 misinformation policy.

On its community guidelines, YouTube says that people or institutions that have their channel terminated may be unable to use, own, or create any other YouTube channels or accounts.

It says channel owners are sent explanations for termination by email.