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Brought to life in the final years of the century, ProTrans was an evolution in the making according to the company’s CEO, Craig Roeder. In 1993, when the entire logistics industry was going through a rollercoaster like phase, Roeder started ProTrans from within the premises of a trailer. From having the financial capacity to pay only three employees to providing jobs for a workforce of over thousand personnel, ProTrans has a classic tale of innovation, zeal, and a tale of turning a new leaf in the telematics industry. Today, ProTrans initiates and manages its operations from twenty-six different locations across U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico. With an approach firmly based on efficiency and trustworthiness, ProTrans has amassed an esteemed clientele over the last two decades. The fact that many of their customers are recognized by Fortune as top tier organizations is another testament of ProTrans’ success.

Call it fate or not, but ProTrans emergence on the elite scene coincided with manufacturing and automotive companies beginning to feel the need of a more complete solution package rather than the existing batch which was primarily focused on just tendering & dispatching. Roeder learned about this and brought the idea of 3PL solutions to the fore. It was a precise answer to the questions posed by the needs of the industry at that time. Having managed a glorious start in the telematics arena, the company built on it by constantly evolving its technology in order to keep up. While they did so, ProTrans didn’t forget to leave its own stamp on the industry, a stamp which was powerful enough to alter the perspective of everyone about the companies hailing from similar niche. These bold steps made ProTrans a prominent name in the manufacturing-driven logistics marketplace, providing freight consolidation, transportation management, materials management, and cross-border processing capabilities. All of this is, of course, executed through their 3PL solutions.

The company’s time in the industry so far brims with novelty and constant growth. One of the many unique things they incorporated in the typical trade process was bringing in real-time visibility. ProTrans sliced apart any need for the customers to login when they wish to get updates on the consignment. Instead, it’s now served to them.

‘Optimiz TMS is designed in a way that it doesn’t wait for the user to check into the web portal. We push the information to our customers directly, rather generating fixed-intervals reports,’ the CIO of ProTrans, Allen Phelps, explained.

The arrival of company’s prized software, Optimiz TMS brought a bucket full of positives with it. One such positive was the introduction of advance shipping notice management. This allowed the customers to communicate their release details. Subsequently, this does the job for the company to get a confirmation over the release quantities from the customer. This one little step replaces time-consuming verification procedures, making the experience better for clients.

ProTrans understands the challenge of ensuring cost-effective transportation, thus the company urges their clientele to dispatch their end-customer contracts following which they can rate-shop on ProTrans’ centralized carrier capacity through a portal committed exclusively to providing shipping services at a reasonable charge. ProTrans, as an organization, identifies with the potential of business intelligence; therefore they plan to push further investments in R&D side of the things to enhance their current setup by bringing in crucial elements like big data, analytics, and mobility. Nevertheless, the company promises that all of this will be done in their own style which thrives on inventiveness and unparalleled vision.

‘We are constantly looking for the newest technology and finding ways to incorporate it in the logistics ecosystem,’ the CEO of ProTrans, Craig Roeder, said when asked to give a peek in company’s future plans.

At the moment, ProTrans has financial interests in RFID and bar code technologies, which aligns with company’s focus on increasing the accuracy of real-time updates on the consignments.



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