Quinten Health, an AI expert, wins Funding of €14 million

The funding represents a portion of the €14 million growth equity investment in the Quinten Group from Techlife Capital and MACSF, allocated to the business’s healthcare operations. Quinten Health, established in Paris, is a leader in solutions for real-world data science, AI, and ML, including sophisticated statistical modeling, pattern recognition, and cluster discovery for predictive medicine and patient simulation.

To speed up, reduce risk, and increase the value of pharmaceutical R&D, the business plans to utilize the funds to develop it’s in silico illness and care simulation platform into regulatory-grade disease cohort simulators. To establish the first illness modeling platforms, Quinten Health plans to announce strategic relationships with Big Pharma firms and data owners in the coming months.

“Our disease models leverage from the leading data networks/platforms and combine the best from AI/ML, predictive modeling, and pharmaco-epidemiology. We are building reference ‘virtual twin’ simulators in high-priority diseases to accelerate drug development and patient access to the drugs they need”, said Dr. Billy Amzal, CEO of Quinten Health. “Our disease models will drastically reduce time to insights for drug developers, learning over time and across data sources on the disease and care continuum”, promised Dr. Alexandre Templier, President of the Quinten group.