Thursday, February 22, 2024

OpenSync introduces Linux SDN to extend reach to 100% of newer smart home devices

OpenSync unleashed a slew of announcements including this – perhaps the most important: The OpenSync framework now includes support for Linux SDN. The Linux networking bridge is one of the world’s most widely supported network software stacks, which means the move will extend the reach of the OpenSync open-source framework to 100% of new or recent intelligent home devices, says Sandeep Rai, VP of Software at OpenSync.

“The Linux networking bridge is widely used and adopted by consumer premises equipment makers, service providers, and software developers. It is used to create, launch, and manage consumer services from the Cloud. We’re delighted to announce that with Linux SDN support, we now have a solution that covers 100% of the market for new or newer CPEs,” Sandeep Rai says.

Until now OpenSync has relied on Open vSwitch (OVS) to provide Cloud-programmable SDN functionality. The issue has been that converting from the Linux bridge to OVS can require additional development effort. All of this is now no longer needed, Sandeep Rai says.

“The new Linux SDN feature of OpenSync reduces the complexity and effort required during integration, leading to easier and broader adoption. The Linux SDN feature can now be used with the Linux network bridge. Meanwhile, support for OVS will continue thus providing developers with an option to choose the one that suits individual OEM or service provider needs,” says Sandeep Rai.

Linux SDN support will be available soon as part of the OpenSync 5 pre-release. OpenSync 5 general availability is slated for September this year, the organization says.