Artificial intelligence is here to elevate the patient care and provide a helping hand to physicians. 27th Sep 2017 witnessed Nuance Communication’s artificial virtual assistant paving its way towards real-time healthcare.

Nuance Communication is a pro in providing AI virtual assistance. Some big brands like Amtrak, Audi, BMW, Citi, Delta, Domino’s, FedEx, Ford and GM have experienced tremendous growth with Nuance Communication AI virtual assistance. Christened as Dragon, the new medical virtual assistant is all set to add a new dimension to patient care.

An early version of Dragon Medical has been successfully assisting the clinics with the documentation. The new baby is out to go beyond the documentation. The software is developed to embed Voice recognition technology. The Voice recognition facilitates healthcare, text-to-speech, voice biometrics, HER integrations and a smart speaker custom created for health care.

The medical practitioners are expecting the Medical virtual assistant to take Electronic health record and patient care to a new level where technology facilitates better health care. The AI virtual assistant is approaching the real healthcare world to be an aid to both patients and physicians.

A satisfied patient and a less burdened Physician, both come across as vital stats of a perfect healthcare organization. Dragon Medical is bridging the gap between patient care and Physicians, leading care a newer technology realm.