Saturday, June 22, 2024

Lessons That 2018 Taught DevOps

It’s a popular saying that if you are making mistakes, you are indeed on the path to something special. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that to achieve something you must learn from every mistake. We are talking about this formula of success because DevOps has found itself in a pretty similar situation. 2018 wasn’t all flawless for DevOps, hence there is this brimming need to introspect and take certain measures to avoid running into same obstacles. Here are a few errors that stirred up trouble for DevOps last year.

Less Importance to Delivery Pipeline

Delivery chain has always received a rather unkind behaviour. It’s always considered as a different aspect, an aspect that never really stayed on the top part of priority list. The fact that only a little importance is bestowed to delivering is what influences the reality where much improvement hasn’t been witnessed in the recent past by delivering facilities. This issue demands to be remedied immediately so that DevOps could be bolstered.

Unused Management Potential

Management is the lifeblood of every organization currently thriving currently. Ineffective management will knock down any company regardless of the money you pour in. Uninspiring work environment is the biggest enemy of efficient functionality. Lately, that’s been a massive problem in DevOps. There is a desperate need to provide employees with a sense of guidance with the help of someone who can do a good job at helm. A true leader can pull the team through tough situations without compromising the atmosphere. DevOps will be looking forward to do some adjustments in this aspect.

Acquiring the Best Workforce

Post the transition phase, things have changed drastically. Now it is expected from the employees to contribute in more than one way. To adopt this change, DevOps needs to reorganize their workforce. It might hurt the short-term goals but this is the best possible way to stay in the game for long period. DevOps would need to muster up some courage to make daring moves for the greater good.