Learn to Design in 12 Free Ways

From designing leaflets for events to designing user interfaces for apps every entrepreneur will be involved in some design projects directly or indirectly. So it is important to learn to design for everyone, at least at the basic level. Understanding the basic concepts of design will empower you, as a leader, to give creative inputs for the design team. No one will deny the success that the iPhone enjoyed when it launched initially, was hugely owed to its great design. There are thousands of other examples how a great design raised a product to the next level and made it a trendsetter, Ford’s Model T is one of them.

It is one thing to learn to design as a business leader, but if you wish to take up a career in designing then it becomes ever more important. As a designer, you will have to stay top of the latest trends and concepts in the designing world. So how do you do that?

No matter whether you are a business leader, looking for a career design or an established designer there are always ways to learn to design even more.

Take a look at this info-graphic from the creative market on 12 free ways to learn to design

learn to design