Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Innovation centered around Automation

Helping clients transform their business through automation. The business world isn’t slowing down, and to keep a company’s niche, the ease at which a team can accelerate by clearly utilizing their systems, accurate information, and the use of analytics, IoT and AI/ML, to drive business performance is important. Automus Consulting Inc. was founded with industry leaders to focus entirely on Oracle Cloud. We bring strong industry experience to implement mission-critical business systems while delivering the highest quality of consulting services with a focus on automation. “Your Team’s depth of knowledge and positive approach is a breath of fresh air for Los Angeles Jewish Health from our prior vendor.”—Tony Lucich, Executive Director IT.

This Leadership team has spent their careers in the Oracle space that dates back through early versions of on-premises E-Business Suite through the large pivot to Oracle Cloud. The core leadership team has been working with each other for at least 13 years and holds a high reputation in the industry and with their clients. We know how to partner, move faster, provide insightful information to the business – this is what Automus is all about.

Automus’ implementation methodology, specifically developed for Oracle Cloud Applications, is designed to drive successful engagement from initiation to deployment and beyond in a structured approach. Our methodology includes standard tools and templates for deliverables, which provides a head start thereby reducing the overall timeline. Our methodology is used in all engagements to ensure consistency in delivery, quality, and drive value to our clients.

“As a professional services firm ourselves, I can appreciate the challenges that it brings. The Automus approach involves a degree of governance and oversight that is often pitched in sales presentations, but rarely delivered upon. After 5+ ERP and Supply Chain projects I have been very happy with how engaged the executive and governance teams are to address issues or day to day changes that may come up. The creativity and flexibility to navigate the inevitable challenges of implementing an ERP / SCM systems is what truly sets them apart.” — Richard Childress, CEO at Confluent Systems

We provide services to medium-sized enterprises across North America from implementation to managed services. The true value comes when we leverage these technologies as part of your ERP/SCM/EPM/HCM implementation.  Changing an enterprise application needs to be more than just a technology change with some business process improvements. It should be adding disruptive technologies that truly differentiate your business. And this team knows how to do that!  From start to finish, the Automus team depth of knowledge and in-depth experience will guide your team along the process, advising and sharing best practices, new cutting edge ways to look at things and a collaboration that both the client and Automus are one business unit.

Our team of certified Cloud consultants with many years of business, industry and applications experience can help transform your business with Oracle Cloud Applications and successfully create a sustainable, resilient and a transformative enterprise that is ready to take on an ever-changing and a dynamic business environment.