IBM Focuses on Cookie-Free Retargeting

It can be difficult for businesses to reach prospective consumers who would be interested in viewing their advertisements when individuals reject tracking cookies or use browsers that don’t require them, like Safari and Firefox.

“Cookie blocking is completely understandable, and I support everybody’s right to make those choices,” said Richard Brandolino, IBM’s global media channels and ad tech lead. “But it limits our ability to communicate with people who wish to communicate with us.”

Forget about Chrome’s alleged cookieless future as well: Almost 40% of internet users in the US already employ cookie-free browsers.

In an effort to address this addressability issue, IBM recently launched a test campaign with MediaMath and alternative identity provider ID5 that retargeted B2B prospects across Safari and iOS. Despite having a long-standing partnership with MediaMath, this test marked IBM’s first time collaborating with ID5.