Thursday, February 22, 2024

IAM has turned up pretty much at the right time. The glut of IT companies has been growing exponentially over the last decade or so. New technologies have arrived, integrated, and dumped. The competition level has been so high that quality has started to somewhat suffer. Amid this chaos, hardly anyone has got the time to stop and dissect the potential risk their systems are facing every day. A humongous amount of data currently resides in these systems, much of it highly sensitive. Even a small-scale hacker invasion can end up causing a loss worth billions of dollars. Small firms that don’t have the financial cushion to rely on are highly likely to disappear from the business sphere, which can have serious repercussions, as that can lead to industry consolidation, leaving the end-consumer with fewer options and higher prices. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if this happens, the effects of it will be felt beyond the industry, indirectly damaging economies, and leading to lower quality of lives. To avert this disaster, a whole host of companies have stepped forward in their bid to protect the established sphere cycle. The companies have worked out masterful answers to the questions posed at the industry today. These companies have taken a rabbit out of their hat by producing a collection of solutions that are created after in-depth planning and extensive execution methods. Here are some of those companies who have redefined digital security and changed the IT game forever.


Management: Kailash Ambwani
Designation: CEO
Location: Los Altos, CA

4iQ is built while bearing industry’s security issues in mind. The instances of hacker invasion, leaked information, and other types of security breaches are becoming more and more frequent, hence the company understood the need and keeps their client guarded on every front.


Management: Roy Newton
Designation: President
Location:Newport Beach, CA

Headquartered in United States, 90meter offers designing, developing, and producing prepackaged computer software. The company is one of the most creative and reliable organizations active in the industry at the moment.


Management: Nelson Cicchitto
Designation: CEO
Location:Pleasanton, CA

Having spent over two decades in the industry. Avatier continues to grow and reach fresher heights. Their focus on creating a seamless identity management experience has proved to be greatly beneficial for the big companies.


Management: Steve Van Till
Designation: President & CEO
Location:Bethesda, MD

Brivo is one of the biggest names when it comes to cloud-based access control and security platform for commercial properties. The company intends to provide solutions that are not only secure, but also improve overall user experience.


Management:Hock Tan
Designation: President & CEO
Location:San Jose, CA

After being in the industry for over 50 years, it’s safe to say that Broadcom has become more of a household name in the tech sphere. Broadcom’s forte resides in the technologies that make our world a closely-knitted community.

Building Intelligence

Management:Jeffrey Friedman
Designation: CEO
Location:New York, NY

Building Technologies specializes in delivering creative solutions that patch every security hole which might be putting your system at risk.


Management:Srivasavi K. Chaganti
Designation: CEO & President
Location:Columbia, MD

C-hit is an organization comprising of people who aspire to improve healthcare systems by offering cutting-edge solutions that are designed to enhance the baseline quality of healthcare technology.


Management:Nathanael Coffing
Designation: Co-Founder, CSO
Location:Seattle, WA

Cloud Identity is almost a decade old provider of identity and access management software solutions for in-house and cloud-based applications. The company is focused on distributing flexible identity and access management solutions to its clients.

Hitachi ID Systems

Management:Kevin Nix

Founded in 1992, Hitachi ID has come a long way. They are currently the exclusive industry leader that’s delivering identity and privileged access management over a sole platform to facilitate the solution developing process.


Management:Arvind Krishna
Location:Armonk, NY

IBM is a cognitive solution conglomerate that’s been around for over a century now. With more than 350.000 employees and a strong presence in 170 countries, IBM is one of the oldest names in the technology sector.


Management:Michael Milgramm
Location:Brooklyn, NY

Identazone deals in patented advanced biometric technology solutions. The company’s foundational philosophy was to bypass the interoperable limitations to make the biometric technology a collective experience.

Identity and Access Solutions

Management:James Wooden
Designation:Business Partner
Location:Ashburn, VA

Founded in 2016, and currently headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, Identity & Access is a private firm that provides identity management & security solutions that are designed to facilitate swift functions throughout the process while always staying alert on the security side of the things.

Ilantus Technologies

Management: Arun Singh
Designation: CEO
Location: Schaumburg, IL

After recently completing two decades in the industry, Ilantus can safely say it’s one of the most dependable organizations when it comes to identity and access management.


Management: Stephen Murdoch
Designation: CEO
Location: Santa Clara, CA

: MicroFocus is known to deliver purpose-driven and high-value solutions. Having started their journey in 1976, the team at MicroFocus is not just high on creativity but also on overall expertise.


Management: Todd McKinnon
Designation: CEO
Location: San Francisco, CA

Founded over a decade ago, Okta has managed to become a trustworthy identity supplier. The company’s identity cloud services are structured to assist the clients in overseeing their enterprise in a secure and effective manner.

Ping Identity

Management: Andre Durand
Designation: CEO
Location: Denver, CO

In a time where malicious activities like identity theft are recurrent, Ping Identity helps you in securing the identity of your organization in a more intelligible manner.


Management: Rohit Ghai
Designation: CEO
Location: Bedford, MA

It rarely happens that 90 percent of the Fortune top 500 companies vouch for one identity & access management solution provider. RSA has the trust of over 13,000 organizations worldwide.

Strategic Security Solutions

Management: Johanna Thomas
Designation: CEO
Location: Alpharetta, GA

S3, as an organization, is principled around delivering solutions that help the clients in dealing with the risk factor through identity & access management.


Management: Ed Zabar
Designation: Founder/CEO
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Verif-y is a private firm that deals in identity management. Verif-y, through its solutions, is putting the end-consumer in the driving seat.


Management: Sanjiva Weerawarana
Designation: Founder/CEO
Location: Sri Lanka

After spending 15 years in the industry, WSO2 can now proudly call itself world’s best open source integration vendor. What sets WSO2 apart is their all-inclusive platform that can gel with any technology.