Friday, June 14, 2024

GoTo Expands IT Management and Communication Tools with ChatGPT Integrations

GoTo, a supplier of workplace communications and IT management tools, is the latest tech business to use integration with ChatGPT, bringing the generative AI chatbot to its customer interaction and IT management solutions to function as a writing assistant and script generator.

The Boston-based software business released its GoTo Customer Engagement product this month, with the goal of bringing the GoToConnect phone system and customer contact capabilities to a wider audience. The solution is now being upgraded with the beta release of a new messaging helper powered by ChatGPT.

“This not only allows teams to respond faster to customer inquiries but also saves valuable time which can be put back into focusing on more impactful areas of the business and those customer interactions that are best created by a human,” GoTo says in a blog.

GoTo, like other IT companies that use the ChatGPT parent firm OpenAI’s API, is releasing a new script-generation tool that includes the generative AI chatbot. GoTo’s all-in-one IT management and support solution, GoTo Resolve, will feature a beta in the coming weeks to assist make designing and executing automation scripts easier.

“This is as simple as telling the program what you want to happen and having a script auto-produced to execute the operation,” according to the business. “Since IT teams are often short on time, we believe ChatGPT is the ideal platform for improving their efficiency by automating administrative and repetitive chores in a consistent manner.”

This is comparable to previous integrations between IT management software and ChatGPT, such as Atera and ConnectWise.