Friday, June 14, 2024

Google’s ARCore now supports depth sensors on Android devices

Google’s ARCore platform, which enables developers to build augmented reality (AR) apps for Android devices, now supports depth sensors. This allows AR apps to more accurately understand the geometry of the user’s environment, creating more realistic and immersive experiences.

Depth sensors use infrared light to measure the distance between the sensor and objects in the environment. This technology has been used previously in some high-end smartphones, but the addition of support for depth sensors in ARCore means that more developers will be able to build AR apps that take advantage of this feature.

ARCore is available on a wide range of Android devices, including Google’s own Pixel smartphones and many other popular models. By adding support for depth sensors, Google is aiming to make AR experiences more accurate and immersive, which could drive more interest and adoption of the technology.

Overall, the addition of depth sensor support to ARCore is a significant development for the AR industry, as it could enable more advanced and realistic AR experiences on a wider range of devices.