Tuesday, December 6, 2022

FreshBooks: Reshaping the Accounting Standards

Accounting software is used to track finances for the smooth running of a business. It reduces the possibility of mistakes by minimizing human involvement. Features like automation can save time and give the owner a place to store important documents and receipts to access anytime, anywhere. FreshBooks is an owner-first accounting platform that takes an easy-to-use approach to manage finances, billing, payments, and client engagement. FreshBooks is dedicated to making small business invoicing and billing so simple by helping them create professional-looking invoices hassle-free. With their invoice generator, it’s simple to create and customize your invoice, add your logo and personalize your thank you email. There are many other features to make everyday accounting easier for all kinds of businesses in FreshBooks.

The accounting software for freelancers from FreshBooks has many payment options to make the billing smooth and easy. Recurring invoices, Online Payments, and Automated Payment Reminders are some features that make it even more convenient for freelancers. It keeps the clients in the loop by tracking everything client-related so that you know where every account stands. Estimates, Client Account Statements, Proposals, and Time Tracking make tax time tension-free. The accounting software for self-employed professionals makes every dollar count. FreshBooks’ business health and financial reports show your profitability, cash flow, and where your money is going.

For businesses with contractors, FreshBooks allows you to use custom permissions to grant contractors and team members access to track time, log expenses, and update projects. By automating the billing, cycle businesses will get paid faster and have more time for clients as well. Now for companies with employees, it’s easy to manage margins and cash flow or hire staff and plan for the future with FreshBooks. User permissions in FreshBooks give the team access to help manage your books and invite clients to projects, keeping them engaged and informed. There’s contractor and accountant access as well.

The FreshBooks team is dedicated to executing extraordinary experiences every day. Recently, FreshBooks announced the acquisition of FastBill, a cloud accounting and invoicing software solution provider in Germany. It was founded in 2011 and helps self-employed professionals, small businesses, and startups manage their finances through electronic invoice management, reporting, and access to tax advisory services. “With its complementary mission and culture, we are extremely excited about our acquisition of FastBill and how it strengthens our global expansion plans,” says Don Epperson, FreshBooks CEO. “This acquisition, paired with FreshBooks’ leadership in streamlining and simplifying workflows for Owners around the world, will position us to better serve as many customers as we possibly can,” he added.

Also, FreshBooks recently announced that it had raised USD 130M in funding, now its valuation to be USD 1B. This round of funding will help them reach more customers in more countries around the world with locally-relevant integrations and product enhancements. Loved by businesses in over 160 countries, FreshBooks, known for its 10x Stevie award-winning customer support, serves customers of all sizes from offices in Canada, Croatia, Mexico, Netherlands, and the US.

They operate with the 4E philosophy – Execute Extraordinary Experiences Everyday. Whether a business is billing $100 a month or $100 million, the FreshBooks team is dedicated to delivering the extraordinary experience. Everyone at FreshBooks spends their first month with their support team helping their customers. This means everyone learns exactly what the customer needs are and takes those insights into their job to serve better. Through simple but effective features and support programs, FreshBooks keeps helping businesses worldwide.


Don Epperson, CEO


“For businesses with contractors, FreshBooks allows you to use custom permissions to grant contractors and team members access to track time, log expenses, and update projects”