Coquitlam is seeking environmental technologies from IT companies

Coquitlam has set this objective as part of its new environmental sustainability strategy (ESP), which also includes a 45 percent reduction in gas emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Now, as the city works to achieve the goals listed above, it’s looking for new ideas and insights from the technological side of things.

Coquitlam released an open appeal for local tech-based enterprises willing to contribute to the ESP and propose creative innovations in areas like climate action, green infrastructure, and water management on Monday (May 9).

“Project Greenlight” is the name of the effort, which is a regional platform that brings together public and private firms with technology companies to develop digital, data-driven methods of service delivery.

“In the year since our program launched, we have seen incredible proposals put forward by innovators from Metro Vancouver and around the world, with several currently in the pilot stage,” explains program manager John McPherson in a news release.

“I’m excited to see what the innovation community will come up with to help us promote a smarter and more sustainable Coquitlam.”

Project Greenlight’s plan is based on the premise that by unlocking new opportunities for innovation, it will amplify the local startup ecosystem and accelerate smart and sustainable transformation.

Members will have access to cutting-edge solutions to tackle long-standing difficulties, decrease environmental impacts, and maximize assets. Small and medium-sized tech businesses are encouraged to present ideas.