Thursday, February 22, 2024

AWS Expands 5G Telecom, Private Wireless Work

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has upgraded its public cloud architecture to enable telecoms and private 5G networks.

The cloud giant revealed its fully managed AWS Telco Network Builder service, which is aimed at telecom operators and companies looking to establish private wireless networks with little network administration. Operators essentially fill up a template in industry standard terminology that outlines how they want their network to operate. Connection points, networking requirements, computing requirements, and geographical dispersion are all part of this.

This template is subsequently loaded into the Telco Network Builder, which converts the requirements into a cloud-native architecture linked to Amazon’s public cloud assets. AWS Regions, Local Zones, Outposts, and Snow devices are examples of these.

Hofmeyr noted the platform is a more broadly focused version of the work AWS has been doing with established telecom operators like Dish Network and Swisscom.

“This need became very clear that it was necessary to turn this into a managed service versus doing it for each operator independently,” Hofmeyr said. “It was definitely informed by all of those engagements.”

AWS is touting the platform as being more cost-effective for operators. This includes AWS’ ability to integrate new functions and services across the automation layer for operators. This in turn allows new features to be launched and commercialized more quickly.

The platform is available through a pay-as-you-go model where operators and enterprises pay for only the services they use. This is tangentially similar to how Hawaii-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Mobi recently launched its pilot 5G service. The Telco Network Builder service also builds on AWS’ move toward broader support for 5G telecom services on its platform. Hofmeyr previously told SDxCentral that the vendor’s goal is “to make AWS the best place to run 5G networks.”