Apple has asked a judge to halt Epic Games’ antitrust orders while it appeals the ruling.

According to court filings, Apple Inc (AAPL.O) requested a US federal judge to put on hold orders that might force it to adjust some of its App Store policies, and it also said it is appealing a verdict in an antitrust dispute brought by “Fortnite” creator Epic Games.

After a week-long trial, U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers mainly found in Apple’s favor in September. Apple could no longer ban app developers from having buttons or links in their apps that refer users to methods of payment other than Apple’s in-app payment system, which costs a commission to developers, as of Dec. 9.

Gonzalez Rogers expressed worry in her 180-page judgment that developers were being banned from engaging with iPhone consumers about alternative rates.

According to Apple’s submission on Friday, compliance with the order might harm the company and consumers. It said it expects to win an appeal disputing the injunction and that it prefers to let the legal process play out first, which could take a year.

Epic is also appealing the judge’s decision that Apple’s payment requirements do not violate antitrust law.

“The requested stay will allow Apple to protect consumers and safeguard its platform while the company works through the complex and rapidly evolving legal, technological, economic issues,” Friday’s filing said.

As part of settlements with developers suing Apple and Japan’s antitrust authority, Apple agreed to modify additional limits about developer-user communications in recent months.

Gonzalez Rogers’ call for consumers to be more aware, as well as the company’s wish to keep them safe from frauds and continue receiving commissions, has previously been discussed, according to the corporation. On its stay motion, Apple is seeking a hearing with Gonzalez Rogers in early November. Epic’s first arguments in its appeal are due on December 12th.

Apple has stated that “Fortnite” would be removed from the App Store until all appeals have been exhausted.