Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Amazon plans to launch its own television in the US by October.

Amazon Inc, led by Jeff Bezos, is going to debut its own brand of television next month. According to rumors, the retail behemoth will introduce the television in the United States in October.

According to Business Insider, Amazon-branded television has been in development for the previous two years. The concept has been worked on by teams such as Amazon Devices and Lab126.

The new televisions, which will be available in 55-inch and 75-inch sizes, will be driven by Amazon’s own speech assistant Alexa. Third-party manufacturers, such as TCL, will produce these televisions. Amazon is also developing its own television, but no release date has been set.

It has also worked with BestBuy to sell Amazon Fire TV-enabled Toshiba and Insignia televisions. Most notably, Amazon sells the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, which turn your old television into a smart one. In the United States, a branded TV might help Amazon develop an Apple-like ecosystem of gadgets and services, including Alexa, Amazon Prime Video, and its massive shopping website. Amazon would also be competing directly with electronics giants Samsung, LG, and Sony, which frequently sell their TVs on Amazon’s website.

Amazon has already been creating displays and Fire TV devices, so it was only a matter of time before it debuted its own Alexa-enabled television. The TVs will first be available in the United States, according to Amazon. The reports have not been confirmed or disputed by the company.