Friday, June 14, 2024

AI Makes Digital Twins for the Internet Age

Yoom, founded in Tel Aviv, is a go-to company for volumetric video capture – generating a 3D picture with limitless possibilities. With “immersive experiences,” the internet is taking another step forward. It implies we won’t just see a two-dimensional individual. While we watch a singer sing, for example, we’ll use our device’s mouse to swing from left to right, zoom in or out, go low or high, and customize the experience.

Volumetric video capture is the technology that makes this possible. Yoom have been working on it since 2016 and says the AI that powers their system is among the best, because it has learned from thousands of captures, and has been tweaked and refined over the years.

It’s an expensive and complicated process, so the main clients currently are sports stars, entertainers, games developers, and retailers.

As the “real” and virtual worlds become more and more blended – that’s what the Metaverse and Web3 are all about – the demand for immersive and interactive content will grow exponentially. Consumers will come to expect a 3D experience, rather than something that’s flat and 2D.

“We allow people to create without any physical boundaries,” says Bonnka Lim, Chief Marketing Officer at Yoom. “We work with a Canadian artist called Riell. She had a creative vision of doing a music video about her childhood and the struggles she had.