Building your Online Reputation With AI

You might have the most fantastic product in the market, but if you fail to attract great customer reviews and ratings, chances are that your business will most likely collapse. Your Online Reputation is probably the most essential thing that you should worry about when you are starting to sell online, or offline for that matter.

94% of customers read reviews when considering a purchase. But your online reputation is not just about positive reviews, those reviews need to be genuine and something that other customers can relate to as well. Most Importantly, you should continuously be interacting with customers and attend their complaints. Look at the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back in 2017, over 100s of phones reported to be overheating and bursting in to fire. How did the company respond? Just after 36 cases company immediately called back all handsets, including the replaced ones. The result? They jumped 44 spots to become 26th reputable companies in Forbes list.

Fortunately, like in the case of most other business operations, you can today harness the power of AI to build your Online Reputation. Take a look at the infographic put together by Reputation Studio to find out how.