Saturday, June 3, 2023

Data Center Evolution – Business & Operation with Sustainability

A Data Centre is a facility that centralises an organization’s shared IT operations and equipment for the purposes of storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications. They are interconnected by thousands of miles of fiber optic cable across the globe.

“Almost everyone is a data center customer by using smartphones, business into clouds and digitalisation”

Every day, we create and access data for work, for play, for social networking and even to run our homes. That data lives in data centers which need more storage in a secured manner. Evolution of Data Centre business due to the rise of Remote Working and Learning, Development of Data Hungry technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Digitization of business process & Digital Transformation.

Principal goals in data center design are flexibility and scalability, which involve site location, building selection, floor layout, electrical & mechanical system design and modularity.

Data Center construction is a booming industry and despite the rising costs of materials and real estate, the Data Center construction market is expected to grow from 51B USD in 2022 to 150B USD by 2028, achieving a CAGR of 10 to 15%.

Guidelines have been formulated taking into consideration the various global standards and best practices in the industry namely, Uptime Institute TIER Standard (Resilience relate to 4 levels of Redundancy/Reliability), ANSI/TIA 942-B (Telecom Infra Standard for DC), and ASHRAE (Temperature & Humidity).

Reliable operations and 100% uptime guarantee certify that the systems are active and available to clients and to be maintained for Power, Cooling & Connectivity. To pace this data centre design, regular maintenance and reliable operations play a vital role to achieve this uptime which the customers are looking for.

While data centres form the backbone of a booming digital economy they are also huge energy hogs and still account for 1% of the world’s electricity consumption.

DC Sustainability is presently a hot topic with measured metrics such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) and CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness). The plan is to have data centres that are most sustainable, reduce carbon emission, invest in green technologies and products and have a higher performance infrastructure.

In conclusion, the Data Centre industry is evolving and new trends are coming up to reduce energy consumption. With these new technologies, the industry can build energy efficient data centres which contribute to increased reduction on global greenhouse gas emissions. With the exponential growth of data and data centers demand globally, they are enormous opportunities for both business and talent.