From the era of an age-old telephone lying in the corner of our homes, ringing to grab our attention to the world of digital transformation – cell phones have become an extension of our being. The change in the face of Enterprise mobile solutions has changed the way people use their mobile devices. These handheld devices have become our eyes to see the world through, and have modernised each and every way of communication. Along with the cell phone, rose mobile applications to serve us in the digital world.

Mobile Technology Transformation

One can see the sprouting of enterprise applications along with the consumer apps for a higher level of productivity. This has brought about the growth of mobile application testing to cater to the growing expectations of a user to drive both personal and professional interactions. Companies are adapting each day to bring a seamless mobile experience to their users with their app development and testing processes. Consumers have become the deciding factors in putting the industry procedures in these apps. The development process entails covering customer expectations and business objectives while testing.

Developing a Mobile App Testing Strategy

Developing a testing strategy for mobile applications is highly important in the current scenario of an unlimited mobile engagement. There are various challenges to be focused on even before implementing the application for the users. It is imperative that all features and functionalities offered in the app work without any disruptions. An ideal testing plan is vastly critical to ensure that the app works flawlessly on various different devices of diverse screens sizes, resolutions, software and hardware, and network operators.

Challenges in Mobile Application Testing

There are many challenges faced by the QA team while analysing an application, however, these are the major issues faced:

  • Various Mobile Devices – There is a vast difference in each mobile device when it comes to their functionality, size, input methods and other features. One needs to take every aspect in mind while testing.
  • Various Mobile Platforms – There is an array of operating systems available in the market and each platform has its own merit and demerits when it comes to developing an app. Each operating system has various versions to work with and each of them poses a unique challenge for the testers while testing. The app developers have to create numerous different versions of the same app for various devices and ensure that it works correctly with all platforms.
  • Various Mobile Network Operators – Each operator has a different kind of network infrastructure, which limits the information flow. The user experience of an app can be highly affected due to the network fluctuations.

Importance of Mobile App Testing Strategy

The importance of mobile app testing decides its success value with the customers. The companies need to understand the challenges in deploying software and find out ways or tools to get software QA. A good mobile application testing strategy allows companies to meet quality and performance guidelines. There are various methods to go through with the process, however, one should call for frequent upgrades in their testing methods to cater to the following:

  • People lose patience with apps that have bugs and require an immediate solution for the same.
  • Allow compatibility in development methods to provide better benefits and feature updates
  • Security of user data and credentials in vulnerable applications

Internal Versus Outsourcing – Mobile Testing Process

There is a variety of mobile testing tools and resources available, all of which cannot be accessible to in-house testing teams. It is an efficient idea to outsource selected testing processes to a testing partner. They have qualified professionals and testing tools to perform multi-device compliant testing, which will reduce cost and time, wherein deadlines can be met easily.

Mobile App Testing – A Dire Necessity

Enterprise mobile solutions have become the heart of the digital revolution in the global market and the significance of a smooth mobile app in on the rise. The need for mobile testing of applications has become a dire necessity for the companies. Creating the perfect testing strategy allows the companies to be prepared for widespread failures or delinquencies in-app working. It helps them grow their business with more happy and satisfied customers.